Different Types of Hammocks

As summer rolls around, the hammock camping season kicks off. If you haven’t gotten started yet, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to cover the different types of hammocks, so you can be well-equipped when the time comes.

Here are the different types of hammocks:

  1. Brazilian hammocks – is a new hammock that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This hammock is different from the traditional hammock that you may be used to. Though the traditional hammock is made from natural material such as cotton or linen, the Brazilian hammock is made from synthetic material such as polyester. The synthetic material is more durable and has a lesser chance of getting spoiled.
  2. Nicaraguan hammocks – they are known for being the heaviest, most durable hammocks in the world. This type of hammock has been used for millennia across Central America, in traditional rural villages where people needed to be prepared for the rough terrain. They are found in all types of weather, in all types of climates, and are even used by soldiers of the military. In addition, they are known for being the best extra-strength hammocks, able to support heavy weights and pressure from hauling a heavy load.
  3. Mayan hammocks – Mayan hammocks are large hammocks that are designed to be built from Mayan-type palm leaves and can be used by people who are tall or a bit over average in height. These are often made from natural materials such as cotton, flax, and silk and have a low center of gravity for stability. See more Mayan hammocks here https://www.harmonyhammocks.com/collections/mayan-hammock.
  4. Poolside hammocks- These hammocks are lightweight, durable, and are large enough to fit 2-3 people. They have been seen in various exotic locations, including on the beach and in the backyard. Having a hammock on your deck or patio is a great way to spend the summer.
  5. Quilted hammocks – This is a great hammock for anyone looking for a more comfortable hammock. It is made of high quality cotton that is very soft and durable. This hammock is for anyone that likes to have a warm, comfortable place to lay in the summer. It is perfect for those that like to be outside during the day and inside at night.
  6. Camping hammocks – This is a modern version of the traditional hammock and is designed for use while camping or on other outdoor adventures. Its main benefit is that it combines the comfort, versatility, and portability of a regular hammock with the minimal packing space of a tent, so you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for a small space. This makes it a great addition to any camping trip, whether you are sleeping in a typical tent or using another type of shelter.
  7. Rope hammocks – is a hammock that has flexible ropes for supporting the body weight. It is a place to relax or sleep while causing less stress to the body and joints. The ropes used are made out of natural fibers like cotton. It is very portable because it is light in weight and can be set up in a short time. The rope hammock can be used almost anywhere, but it is most commonly found in gardens and backyards.

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There are a bewildering number of hammocks on the market. From different types of hammocks, Hawaiian-style to European-style, from single-person to double-person, from no-sew to traditional, and from parachute-style to twisted straps, there is a hammock for every kind of person.