How Drum Wraps Can Protect Your Drum Kit

Drums kits cost a fortune, well, any instrument does, so you make it your goal to find ways on how you can maintain its value and condition as best as you can. As a tool that channels your passion and love for music, drums need exceptional care and protection to keep them looking their best. One way of achieving this is getting a Rockskins drum wrap. But how can drum wraps protect your drum kit? Keep reading to find out how.

Drum wraps not only add to the visual aesthetics of a performer or a band but it also serves as a protection for your kit. Being always on the road is exciting as you get to perform in different stages with different crowds every time. But as much as the fun gets, there is also a downside to it especially for your drum set. Constant travelling means constant carrying, transporting and playing your drum set to different environment. During this process, unforeseen situations can happen such as scratching the surface of your kit or receive any type of damages.

Protective Layer

Drum wraps act as a protective layer that helps lessen, if not avoid, this unlucky circumstances. Usually made in three layers, its 20 mil thick material will surely protect the raw wood of your set from impacts scratches and marks. Some wraps are made with UV-resistant ink that surely benefits drummers who usually perform under the sun. When it comes to humidity, woods tend to become swollen, creak, strain, and in some extreme cases even break or crack. Drum wraps prevents those types of cases as it is wrapped securely around your set. It is also easy to clean and replace once the design fades or if scratches or marks are no longer repairable.

Whether you choose to go natural with the original look of your set or choose to go crazy with drum wraps, as long as the condition of your drum and how you can maintain its glory is what’s on your mind then you’re on the right track.