The Headbangers

This is a fan-made website dedicated to the awesome hardcore band, Unearth. Throughout the existence of humanity, we have always been accompanied by great music recording, composers, a musical art which all inspires and motivates. Music, in general – either traditional, rock, r&b, country or whatever genre it is, penetrates through one’s mind and soul depending on how people can relate to the writer and singer’s music. One underrated genre of music is heavy metal. Let’s admit; only a few individuals like this ear-banging type of music and most people condemn this style as “demonic.” While some might radically hate this genre, some people live for this art of music and grow with its masterpiece.

Rock music originated in the late 60s and early 70s mainly in the United States and the United Kingdom. This form of music is notable of its distorted sounds, massive loud sounds, prolonged beats, guitar sound patterns which are extremely amplified. I bet you wouldn’t like a heavy metal fan in the neighborhood, most especially if they start to party the night out. Anyway, the point is not everyone can appreciate this beautiful genre of music. Behind the, what majority would call as “noises,” there are also bands and a group of people who have been survived by heavy metal music.

Deviating from the norm – long hair, tattooed guitarists and drummers, shouting and screaming music, headbanging and losing oneself in music – there are people who think that those who are into rock music are atheists or those who are angry at the world, for the depressed, Illuminati,  the psychopaths, people who are less understood, people who can’t “fit” in the society. Some people even think that rock music instruments, ways, to call demonic spirits. Let me tell you what, research conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia found out that exposure to extreme music including heavy metal can give a positive feeling, happiness, positive sense, and freedom. Try it out sometime. There is nothing wrong trying something new and emerging into strange things sometimes in life. As what the gurus say “we only live once” and what the modern masters say it “YOLO” – take the plunge and move to the beat, lose the firm grip, let go and you’ll see how fun it is.

But we do understand that not everyone will ever like rock music, just like how they would not accept other religious beliefs and culture. That is just how it works, anyway.