Unearth is a jaunty all-boy band from Boston, Massachusetts formed in 1998. The group name Unearth was decided by a group member, Mike Rudberg, recalling the name as unique to the heavy metal world. The original 5-man band already had six studio albums. The band was originally started by Trevor Phipps, uz McGrath, Ken Susi, Mike Rudberg, and Chris Rybicki in Massachusetts in 1998. At first, Phipps was anxious to join the band due to his recovery from appendicitis but then was convinced to be part of the band as soon as he heard the rehearsal of band’s song “Shattered by the Sun.” In May 1999, the band released their first EP called Above the Fall of Man under Endless Flight Records. It was then followed by their second release in 2001 which is called The Stings of Conscience under Eulogy Recordings. The following year Unearth debuted their Endless EP. However, Chris Rybicki left during the polishing of the Endless album and was replaced by John Maggard. Differentiating Unearth from other modern-day hardcore music bands, they rarely add clean vocals in their album recording.

In an interview with Unearth’s band members, they mentioned that their major influencer includes Pantera, Slayer, Metallica, Earth Crisis, In Flames, and At the Gates.

Band Members

Current members

Trevor Phipps – unclean vocals (1998–present)

Buz McGrath – guitars (1998–present)

Ken Susi – guitars, clean vocals (1998–present)

Nick Pierce – drums, percussion (2012–present)

Former members

Chris “Rover” Rybicki – bass (1998–2001) (died 2010)

Mike Rudberg – drums, percussion (1998–2003)

Mike Justian – drums, percussion (2003–2007)

Derek Kerswill – drums, percussion (2007–2010)

John “Slo” Maggard – bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (2001–2014)

Check out the timeline below to get a quick overview of the transitions in the group throughout 1998 to the present.